Perpetual Motion Homes

I literally live in a house that moves. All my friends know that I live in a semi with my husband Andy. We have a second house; a 40 foot 5th wheel RV. Both of my homes are on wheels and I am moving almost constantly! 

My current journey started with a decision in November 2020 to retire and go on the road with Andy full time for a year, so I gave my notice at work and started packing up my entire house. I liked my job, it was a great job, and I made great money. I was a director of nursing at an assisted living facility.

My living situation was great too. I lived next door to my daughter and in the same town as my son. I had my whole family here…. except my husband. That was one of the keys to my decision.

I packed up my house, some in the attic and some in a storage unit and rented the house to our son. Then I took off with a little bit of my life with me and drove to Greensboro, NC where the company yard was that Andy hauls for.

You may ask, why make the decision I made to uproot my life and do a total 180? My kids are out of the house and leading their own lives and raising their own kids, I was alone most of the time, and frankly I was getting pretty lonely. Besides with all the ways to stay in contact, I was okay with not being physically present all the time. 

I have learned a lot in the 2 years I have been out on the road. One of those lessons was that as parents we raise our kids to be independent capable adults, if we do our jobs right and sometimes in spite of our parenting skills. My children are independent capable adults. I am just a phone call away if they don’t feel capable always and forever, I am always available to my kids!

Ok, next big step was leaving my hometown and going out on the road with Andy. That was January 2021. We decided to do this for a year before I decided if I wanted it to be permanent. It took me about 4 months to realize that I LOVE this lifestyle and wanted it to be permanent! WOW what a decision and I get to spend my time with the love of my life.

My next step to make this permanent was September 2022. I went back home for 3 weeks. I went through ALL my belongings, purged what no longer served my needs, held on to sentimental stuff and living necessities.

I have 14 boxes in the attic and 3 boxes of my special stuff in the RV. I now live in 50 square feet (semi) and 150 square feet (RV). I can tell you that my shopping habits have decreased by miles!! Also, I think I have broken the hoarding habit from my long line of hoarding ancestors.

Our daughter is going to move into the house and my son moved to Iowa. Like I said before, they are both independent capable (sometimes, but aren’t we all incapable at times) adults.

That has been my life for the past almost 2 years in a nutshell. I have learned and grown in so many ways and am still evolving in that manner. I am more relaxed and very happy. My husband and I have grown closer which is amazing because we spend almost 24/7 together but I love him more every day. (more on this later).

Thank you for getting involved in my life as a trucker wife. I will talk more about life as a trucker wife at home raising the kids, taking care of the home and living my life. I hope my blogs are entertaining and helpful. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you would like to know in the comments or email. Love you all.

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