Trucks in the Wind

It has been crazy windy the last couple of weeks. We have been almost slung all over the road in our high-profile vehicle several times. We left Mississippi a day before that very large tornado went through. We missed the tornado but our semi was swaying in the wind for sure.

About two weeks before this tornado we were in Texas and there were flash floods and high winds. We passed a distribution center with several 53-foot trailers blown over on their sides. (Didn’t get a picture but wish I would have).

Its an eerie feeling when I am sleeping in the top bunk and the truck is rocking because of the high winds. I am basically in a tin box like a sitting duck who can’t see much out the windows.

When high profile vehicles are moving in high winds it can be dangerous. I have seen tractor trailers blown over on the highways and fallen over bridges.

When smaller cars drive in high winds they are not as affected by the winds but trucks pulling campers, box delivery trucks and semis are VERY affected by the high winds, so be aware and more diligent when driving in these or really any other weather conditions. Remember, high profile vehicles CANNOT STOP ON A DIME!!!

I have seen so many drivers cut in front of us within about 6 feet or less and slow down. That is so dangerous. I have seen drivers assume they have the right of way when merging onto the interstate. That is so dangerous. I have seen motorcycles drive on the white dotted line in rush hour traffic. That is so dangerous.

Just pointing out the DUH factor! Love you all be safe when driving. Have a great day.

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