Science and Spirit Come Together

I am an analytical person by nature; “I think therefor I am” is an expression that is both analytical AND spiritual.  So how can I merge the two into one?

I am because my soul chose me to be, this body, mind and soul are not by chance. We, in the western world, have been conditioned to believe that all we are is due to our brain and what we think we are, and that is true to a point. I am learning through YouTube, Facebook groups, books and classes I attend that we are SO MUCH MORE than our brains and what we think.

I am learning that we are also our soul, our body and the cosmos. I know that sounds woo woo but I am woo woo, I own that and I believe that. But throughout time, people including Tesla, Jung, Einstein, Sagan, Hawkins and many many more have proposed that we are more than we are also.

Carl Sagan, a famous astrophysicist, believed that we are part of the cosmos also and he was a scientist!  If you google Carl Sagan quotes, there are a plethora of wonderful quotes including “We are star stuff harvesting sunlight”.

Here in the west, we are led to believe science more than anything else, why is that? I believe one reason is because we need physical proof of EVERYTHING! We need tangible and visible evidence or it doesn’t exist.

Scientists, physicians, psychiatrists and other analytical people are beginning to stir the pot of our belief system and are working on proving to the masses (and to themselves) the existence of that which we cannot see, smell, touch, taste, or hear. There are this beyond our 5 senses for sure.

I will continue to study all this as new evidence emerges daily through quantum science, epigenetic studies and other new sciences popping up.

Check out and, these are just two institutions doing studies on the human body and our energy field both outside our body and in our body.

Views expressed on this site are the opinions and thoughts of the author (content creator) only unless otherwise cited. Don’t take my word for it, discover for yourselves.

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