Second Week

Magick is in the air when you are in nature! I have walked most days during my stays at the campgrounds. The first campground was Whispering Pines in Newport, N.C.

The second week I was at Forest Lake campground in Advance, N.C.  I walked a couple of days. What I found out while walking in nature: No matter how severe of a headache you have, a walk in nature will help at least lessen in to a manageable pain or take it away completely. The hard part is getting out of bed and get to walking!

I have headaches daily; I wake up with them. Most of the time I can tolerate them but while we were at Forest Lake, I had some very severe ones that made my head feel like a 1,000-pound ball but I made myself get out of bed and walk.

Second thing I learned is that Chucky needs to get out and walk. He needs to meet new people and new dogs so he can start behaving himself on the leash. By the end of the second week, he learned a bit better about leash etiquette.

Being in nature, getting some sun, feeling the earth under your feet is nothing less than AMAZING!!! There are so many chemical reactions and other stuff going on in your body that you are not aware of. Scientists are starting to study (again) the effects of nature on the body so they can prove it really does work.

So, get out in nature, even if it is for a 15-minute break from work. You don’t have to have a back yard or a forest to go to either, step out on your front porch and take a deep deep cleansing breath and let it all out.

Stand in the sun for 15 minutes, feel the energy and the warmth it provides. Be grateful for what you have in your life at that moment and just BE!

Thank you for reading.

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