Here is some information on what type of services I provide. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the link provided below.

Reiki Healing

What is reiki? Reiki is an energetic adjunct healing modality, and I am the conduit to direct that energy where it is needed. A Reiki practitioner goes through classes and attunements to specific energies. I have been through levels I, II, III and teacher.

What do you feel when you get reiki? Each person is different. If a person is sensitive to energy, they may feel things like tingling, waves, heat, cold and so on. If a person is not sensitive, then they may not feel anything.

Does reiki healing work? Reiki energy works. Everything is energy, this is a proven fact through science. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be moved, transmuted or transformed though. So, whether you believe it will work or not, it will.

Can reiki be done virtually? Reiki energy, as with all energy, really knows no time or location. I am attuned to be able to send the energy where and when it is needed, past present or future.

Are you a healer? I am not a healer, I cannot heal people, people heal themselves. I am a conduit for the energy flow and can direct said energy to where or when it needs to go for a person’s highest need. I don’t decide what that is, I just allow it to happen.

Tarot Cards

Where tarot cards come from? It is believed that this type of divination has been around since around the 13th century and was started in Italy. It started out as what we know today as the playing cards. The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most popular and most recognizable today. This deck was created by Pamela Cole Smith and Arthur Waite. Smith was the artist and Waite was the creative director. Rider was the publishing company.

Do tarot cards have numbers? They all have 78 cards which consist of 4 suits ace through king which are called the minor arcana and 22 cards called the major arcana. The minor arcana represents the day to day living and the major arcana represent bigger picture of life. This is general but you get the idea.

Who reads tarot cards? Anyone can read tarot cards with practice and instruction. I call myself an intuitive reader because there are times when I “just know” something that maybe the description of the card in a book doesn’t have but even with rote learning, the cards can be on point.

What kind of tarot spreads are there? There are as many tarot spreads as there are readers. I advertise 4 card spreads; these spreads have 4 cards laid out, the first 3 cards can represent things like past, present, future; situation, action, outcome; you, the other person, the relationship; and so much more. This spread can be a quick suggestion to give you a direction. I always read an extra card as a SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE card. This 4th card seems to sum up the spread.

I also have 30-minute readings and 45-minute to 1-hour readings which are more in-depth and have more cards in the spreads.

Oracle Cards

Are oracle cards different from tarot cards? Yes, tarot cards are more structured and specific. Oracle cards are more open to interpretation. There are as many oracle card decks out there as there are tarot card decks, a lot!

Why use oracle cards? I sometimes use oracle cards as adjuncts to a reading. They can give more clarity on a reading if needed.

How are oracle cards used? I use the book of explanation that comes with them, but they can be used many different ways.

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