Cost Terms Disclaimer


$11 – $44
* Quick 4 card reading $11. This type of reading will give you something you would like to know for a quick decision or a nudge.
* 30-minute readings $33. This type of reading is more in-depth and descriptive. Multiple questions can be asked and answered.
* 45 minutes to 1-hour readings $44. This type of reading is very in-depth, and I often use Oracle cards with this reading.
* Reiki energy sent to those who request after reading.
I take:
Venmo @Lisa-Keaveney-1


All readings are 100% confidential given to consenting clients only, no third-party inquiries please. (If you have any questions about what third-party inquiries means, please contact me).

I require a question (or questions) you wish to explore (see disclaimer) which can be submitted through messenger ( or email (

All sales are final, and payments are due before readings are given. Payments are through Venmo and PayPal.

I will acknowledge receipt of request and payment received promptly. 

All readings are done via Word document and sent through messenger or email whichever address is provided to me and will be sent out as soon as possible -however because of the demands for readings – readings will be sent out first come first serve.

Please do not send update inquiries about the progress of your reading, if I have any further questions, I will contact the client promptly.


For entertainment purposes only

I do not predict the future (not a fortune teller)- I read what the cards say; no more, no less.

I do not do health readings; this includes pregnancy questions or heal people (not a doctor or a goddess) but I can direct energies through Reiki to consenting persons, if they so choose to accept the energies.
If you have questions about Reiki, please contact me at the email address or messenger address below or read the FAQ’s & Information section.

I do not do legal readings (not a lawyer).

Clients are solely responsible for how they interpret the reading. I do not force or coheres clients to follow any course of action or ask them to give up free-will and common sense. wanderingtarot21 has no responsibility for actions taken by clients.

The contents of a reading are not legally binding, I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions subsequent to or based on my interpretation of the cards or other divination tools used.
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