My Photos

I have a plethora of beautiful pictures I have taken throughout the years. I am proud and happy to share them now. Some are from traveling with my husband in the semi and some are just moments in life, please enjoy them. If you have any comments, please share them on the GIVE REVIEW HERE page.

Chucky the codriver, can you see him???

This is a giant American flag standing up in the high winds during a stormy day. Love this picture because of its beauty and the potential danger to truck drives and their high-profile vehicles that could blow over.

Retirement setup, what do you think? We run tests about every other month with a week off at an RV campground. So far so good!
Spider webs on the bush look like big snowflakes.
Are they weeds? Not if you stop and appreciate them for their beauty.
What a beautiful picture of the fog, the tree just happened to be standing there waiting for a picture.
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